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Dear friends, that was held interuniversity competition "100 BRANDS». We were very pleased to see such a large number of participants, especially students from other universities, as well as the fans who came to help their friends.
According to the rules of the competition the team had to go through five stages before meeting in the auditorium, struggling for cash prizes. Thus out of the 24 participating teams, only 8 passed.
Many questions for participants seemed complicated, others on the contrary lungs. This means that the harder we prepare, the easier life is going on. With such zeal and spirit the team of MUAA "Legion" was preparing. Because of that, they became the champion of the meeting, taking the top prize of 5000 soms. Very close to the victory was the team from the Academy of Management under the President «Dream Team» and took 3,000 soms. The last team that also showed their spirit and confidence, the team who took third place in the competition was the team from MUAA «Freedom», taking the final prize of 1,000 soms.
It would a greate pleasure to thank our sponsors: SEC «VEFA Center», cafe "Honey I'm Busy", and our University Ataturk Alatoo for their help in the organization.
The main organizer Karim Mamedov, a student from the Faculty of Management and other students from the Department of Economics and Management, did all their best to orgazinse this event in very creative way. Participants can quickly and easily find out where and what is happening, all the organisers put on T-shirts with "100 Brands" logo and sponsors' logos on the back. This allowed participants easily to understand to whom you can contact if you have questions.

5-6 декабря 2015 года в Бишкеке, в очередной раз, состоялась интеллектуальная игра “QuizDay” посвященная Международному дню прав человека. В рамках Quiz DAY приняли участие 26 команд по 5 человек. 14 команд в игре на русском языке и 12 команд в игре на кыргызском языке.
Целями мероприятия были – ознакомление студентов с важнейшими вопросами прав человека, а так же возможностями молодежной грантовой программы «Фонд Поддержки Молодежных Инициатив –YAF».
Из 14 команд студенты Юридического отделения удостоились почетного 5 места.

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